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DUI Charges

DUI Lawyers in Monterey & Salinas

Consequences for DUI charges in Monterey County can be serious.  People often accept the charges and plead guilty without the advice of an experienced DUI attorney.  This is a mistake.  Anyone charged with a DUI in the Monterey area should have a knowledgeable DUI lawyer evaluate their case.  

Punishment for a DUI conviction can include jail time, license suspension, extensive fines, probation, lengthy alcohol counseling classes and even the annoying and expensive requirement that you install an ignition interlock device in your car. Did you know you have only 10 days to call the DMV to set up a hearing to fight for your license? An attorney can do this for you.    

The attorneys at Taylor & Dolowich will closely examine your case and advise you of your rights and your defenses. Every DUI case has issues that should be analyzed and possibly litigated, such as:

  • The reason for the traffic stop or police detention. Were you legally pulled over and contacted by police? Your case could be dismissed if the officer violated your rights
  • Did the police officer read you your Miranda rights?
  • What field sobriety tests were given, where were they given, what were the conditions like, and did the police officer administer the tests correctly? 
  • Was the breath machine calibrated correctly and maintained properly, and was the breath test administered in accordance with police, state and national standards and policy?
  • If a blood test was administered, did police and medical staff follow protocol?
  • Are there inconsistencies in the officer’s police report?
  • Did the police officer fail to interview witnesses and fail to mention them in the police report? This happens often.
  • Which agency conducted the traffic stop and investigation? Was it CHP? Sheriff’s deputies? City police? How experienced is the officer? What is the officer’s reputation? We are familiar with all local police agencies because of the thousands of cases and hundreds of DUI cases we have handled. It is important to consult with attorneys who know the reputations and habits of each and every Monterey police agency. 

The lawyers at Taylor & Dolowich have the experience and knowledge to help you make the right decisions about your case.  We will inform you of the potential consequences of a conviction in your case. Punishment can vary depending on:

  • The level of blood alcohol content;
  • Or in a drug DUI, the type of drug involved;
  • The circumstances of the traffic stop or initial police contact;
  • Performance on the field sobriety tests;
  • Whether an accident occurred, and if there was an injury;
  • Whether there are any prior DUI convictions, and if so, how old.   

Dylan Taylor and Jamey Dolowich are experienced in defending DUI cases in the Monterey Bay area. We can help you in court and at your DMV hearing. In many instances, you will never have to go to court.  You should not have to experience this alone.  We will help.  We will advise.  We will fight for you.

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